Onstage antics involving Crayola coming up   

Krautrock Karaoke July 6th @ The Hope and Ruin, Brighton (improv band with E-Da (Boredoms), Sadie (La Momo) and Al (Chop Chop, Crayola Lectern))
La Mômo July 12th @ Cellar Arts Bar, Worthing (Kev Hough's birthday bash)
Crayola Lectern October 14th @ Prince Albert, Brighton (details to follow)
Crayola Lectern December 13th @ The Rose Hill, Brighton (details to follow)

….Past gigs…

V 2024 V

Crayola Lectern June 22nd @ Heene Church Rooms, Worthing (Worthing Festival) with Snowy Mountain and L C Pumpkin
Crayola Lectern May 5th @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (with Spratleys and Cardiacs) Joyzine and Louder Than War reviews
Crayola Lectern January 27th @ The Rose Hill, Brighton with William D Drake :: poster

V 2023 V

Crayola Lectern October 23rd @ Cafe OTO, London with Heidi Berry (Crayola also guesting on piano for Northshore Train)
Crayola Lectern September 28th @ Komedia, Brighton with Heidi Berry (Crayola also guesting on piano for Northshore Train)
ZOFFF September 24th @ Glastonbury Psychfest, The King Arthur, Glastonbury
ZOFFF August 4th @ Unorthodox Paradox Festival, Wormelow, Herefordshire
Crayola Lectern August 5th @ Unorthodox Paradox Festival, Wormelow, Herefordshire
Crayola Lectern June 18th @ Heene Church Rooms, Worthing (Worthing Festival) with R. Dyer and YOU&TH video of gig
Crayola Lectern April 21st @ The Rose Hill, Brighton with Arch Garrison and VÄLVĒ
Crayola Lectern Feb 28th @ Train of Thought shop, Worthing (spoken word - Worthing Island Discs)
Z O F F F January 29th @ The Lexington, London (Flashback Records 25th Anniversary bash)     

V 2022 V     

Z O F F F September 23rd @ Glastonbury Psychfest, The King Arthur, Glastonbury     
Z O F F F September 22nd @ Komedia, Brighton (with Vuelveteloca)     
Jerry Thackray and Crayola Lectern August 14th @ Supernormal Festival     
Z O F F F July 29th @ Axminster Showground, Devon     
Z O F F F May 15th @ The King Arthur, Glastonbury     

V 2020 V     

Crayola Lectern March 21st @ Hope and Ruin, Brighton (Acid Box Presents: Wax Machine album launch) (cancelled)     
Crayola Lectern March 15th @ The Windmill, Brixton (cancelled)     
Damo Suzuki with ZOFFF February 15th @ Con Club, Lewes - Poster

V 2019 V

Crayola Lectern December 31st @ Cellar Arts Bar, Worthing     
Crayola Lectern December 19th @ The Village pub, Brighton (with chop chop and Hamilton Yarns for Al's birthday bash)     
La Mômo November 24th @ Bar 42, Worthing (with Chop Chop, Rubber Bus and Thee Electric Spotchworms Tape Orchestra)     
La Mômo October 13th @ Bar 42, Worthing (with The Piranhas)     
Crayola Lectern October 4th @ Glastonbury Psych Fest, The King Arthur, Glastonbury     
Departure Lounge September 14th @ The Lexington, London     
Departure Lounge September 13th @ Green Door Store, Brighton     
Departure Lounge September 12th @ Coast, Worthing     
Crayola Lectern with Gary Goodman September 1st @ The Evening Star, Brighton     
Z O F F F August 27th @ Komedia, Brighton (with Kikagaku Moyo + Wax Machine) - link     
Crayola Lectern July 14th @ The Alphabet Business Convention, Salisbury Arts Centre - poster     
Z O F F F and Crayola Lectern (micro set) March 23rd @ Green Door Store, Brighton (Tatty Seaside Town All Dayer)     
Crayola Lectern June 29th @ The Brunswick, Hove (Real Music Club with Caaw!)     
Crayola Lectern March 16th @ The Sunfold Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare (Unfold at the Sunfold weekender)     
Tim Keegan January 18th @ The Brunswick, Hove

V 2018 V     
Crayola Lectern December 31st @ Cellar Arts Club, Worthing     
Z O F F F December 21st @ The Garage, London (with Spratleys Japs, Knifeworld and friends)     
Z O F F F with Damo Suzuki November 3rd @ The Con Club, Lewes     
Z O F F F October 6th @ Glastonbury Psychfest @ The King Arthur - poster     
Lost Horizons September 24th @ The Grand Social, Dublin     
Lost Horizons September 21st @ Portland Arms, Cambridge     
Lost Horizons September 20th @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff     
Lost Horizons September 19th @ Bierkeller, Bristol     
Lost Horizons September 18th @ Hare and Hounds 2, Birmingham     
Lost Horizons and Crayola Lectern September 17th @ Komedia, Brighton     
Lost Horizons September 14th @ Queen Elizabeth Hall, London     
Lost Horizons August 31st @ End of the Road, Dorset     
Lost Horizons August 24th @ Sea Change, Totnes     
Lost Horizons August 19th @ Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons     
The Legend! July 13th @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (with Porridge Radio, Suburban Death Twitch and Vital Idles)     
Z O F F F June 28th @ Bar 42, Worthing (+ Map 71 + Linden Pomeroy)     
Crayola Lectern June 8th @ Pavilion Theatre Cafe (WTG Unplugged + Fragile Creatures)     
Crayola Lectern June 1st @ Rose Hill Arts, Brighton (album launch + L C Pumpkin)     
Crayola Lectern May 16th @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London     
La Mômo May 13th @ Bar 42, Worthing (with Tubba Three Ply)     
Crayola Lectern May 12th @ Coombe Bissett, Salisbury     
Crayola Lectern May 10th @ The Albert, Brighton (with Fierce Friend)     
Z O F F F March 31st @ The King Arthur, Glastonbury     
Joss Cope and Emily Jones February 2nd @ Cellar Arts Club, Worthing (casiotone cameos)     
Lost Horizons January 19th @ O2 ABC, Glasgow)


V 2017 V     
Crayola Lectern December 31st @ Cellar Arts Club , Worthing (early show with Betsy May)     
La Mômo  December 17th @ Bar 42 , Worthing (Punkish alldayer) - Watch it here.     
Spratleys Japs December 16th @ Green Door Store, Brighton (guesting on sax)     
Z O F F F and Spratleys Japs December 15th @ The Exchange, Bristol (flyer)     
Lost Horizons November 23rd @ Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate     
Lost Horizons November 21st @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester     
Lost Horizons November 20th @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds     
Lost Horizons November 19th @ 100 Club, London     
Lost Horizons November 18th @ Rialto Theatre, Brighton     
Lost Horizons November 14th @ Le Botanique, Brussels (Autumn Falls festival)     
Lost Horizons November 12th @ Utrecht (Le Guess Who? festival)     
Lost Horizons November 4th @ Idno, Reykjavik (Iceland Airwaves festival)     
Lost Horizons October 30th @ Leaf, Liverpool (Liverpool Music Week)     
Crayola Lectern October 21st @ The Brunswick, Brighton (Real Music Club)     
Z O F F F September 30th @ The Brunswick, Hove (Real Music Club presents plus Music of the Andys and Kavus Torabi)     
Z O F F F September 23rd @ Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia     
Crayola Lectern September 9th @ Cellar Arts Bar, Worthing (with Betsy May)     
Crayola Lectern August 31st @ Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton (with William D Drake and Bob Drake)     
Z O F F F September 3rd @ Green Door Store, Brighton (with very special guests)     
Anxiousish August 6th @ Cellar Arts Club, Worthing Flyer     
Z O F F F July 28th @ Kozfest, Uffculme, Devon - link     
Crayola Lectern July 27th @ Komedia, Brighton (Melting Vinyl presents: The Fiction Aisle)     
Z O F F F July 15th @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton (with Wax Machine)     
Z O F F F July 1st @ Breaking Convention, Greenwich University (The 4th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness)     
Z O F F F + Crayola Lectern + La Mômo May 19th @ The Black Dove, Brighton (ALT Great Escape all dayer)     
Z O F F F with Damo Suzuki May 13th @ West Hill Hall, Brighton - Damolink     
Z O F F F May 4th @ The Albert, Brighton (with Hey Colossus)     
Z O F F F April 1st @ The Albert, Brighton (Yuri's Night Space party)     
Crayola Lectern March 11th @ St Paul's Church, Worthing (Musica Lumini event with North Sea Radio Orchestra)     
Z O F F F January 13th @ Pelirocco, Brighton (Lewes Psychedelic Festival party)

V 2016 V     
Claire Lemmon & Chris Anderson December 9th @ Coast Café des Artistes, Worthing (Unplug the Jukebox)     
Z O F F F November 25th @ Green Door Store, Brighton (Bad Math Psych night - on at midnight)     
Z O F F F November 23rd @ The Dome, Tufnell Park, London (supporting Gong)     
Z O F F F November 20th @ The Con Club, Lewes (supporting Gong)     
Claire Lemmon & Chris Anderson October 7th @ Coast Café des Artistes, Worthing (Unplug the Jukebox)     
La Mômo Sept 25th @ Bar 42, Worthing w/ The Emperors of Ice Cream and Piranhas Four     
Crayola Lectern and Z O F F F August 26th - 28th @ Unorthodox Paradox Festival, Haye-on-Wye (Link)     
Z O F F F July 29th-31st @ Kozfest, Uffculme, Devon (poster)     
Z O F F F July 2nd @ The Green Door Store, Brighton (Brighton Noise: Day IV)     
Claire Lemmon & Chris Anderson July 1st @ Coast Café des Artistes, Worthing (Unplug the Jukebox)     
The Legend! May 26th @ Spiegeltent, Brighton (The Odditorium presents: 100 Albums you Should Die Before You Hear)     
La Mômo May 30th @ Bar 42, Worthing (with Patients (S. Korea))     
La Mômo May 22nd @ Bar 42, Worthing (Train of Thought Punkish all-dayer)     
Crayola Lectern April 30th @ Wagner Hall, Brighton (with The Fiction Aisle and Lutine)     
La Mômo April 16th @ St Paul's, Worthing (Raising the Roof Fundraiser) - pictures here     
Z O F F F April9th @ The Edinburgh, Brighton (Festival 23 Brighton Fun(d)raiser w/ Bloom, John Higgs and more)     
Z O F F F March 19th @ Lewes Psych Fest, Lewes     
Crayola Lectern January 23rd @ The Bleeding Hearts Club Winter Escape, Coachwerks, Brighton     
La Mômo January 16th @ Vintner's Parrot, Worthing     

V 2015 V

La Mômo December 20th @ Bar 42, Worthing     
The Legend! November 22nd @ Bar 42, Worthing     
The Legend! November 4th @ The Hope and Ruin, Brighton (with Porridge Radio)     
La Mômo October 4th @ Bar 42, Worthing (Punkish Alldayer)     
Z O F F F September 23rd @ The Joker, Brighton (with Sumerian Kyngs)     
La Mômo August 18th @ Bar 42, Worthing (Punkish Alldayer)     
La Mômo August 8th @ The Dome, Worthing (private party)     
Crayola Lectern July 5th @ Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton (with William D Drake and Heavy Lamb)     
Z O F F F July 3rd @ The Coach House, Kemp Town (booklaunch for A Gathering of Promises by Ben Graham )     
Z O F F F and Crayola Lectern June 21st @ Solstice Party, Homing, Wilts (with Arch Garrison, MUMMY, Ham Legion, Heavy Lamb)     
Crayola Lectern May 19th @ The Green Door Store, Brighton (Melting Vinyl presents: with Aquaserge and Wax Machine)     
Crayola Lectern and Z O F F F May 3rd @ Alphabet Business Convention aftershow in a barn on the Downs near Salisbury     
Departure Lounge April 30th @ Beach House, Worthing (yes, it's true)     
William D Drake April 25th @ The Brunswick, Hove (guesting on sax)     
Crayola Lectern April 12th @ Bar 42, Worthing (with I Am Horse and Linden Pomeroy)     
Z O F F F March 28th @ The Real Music Club @ The Albert, Brighton (with 7shades and the Mighty Xanthus) - Watch here     
Z O F F F March 21st @ Klub Motorik @ The Windmill Brixton, London (with Eat Lights Become Lights, Radio9 and Rohame)     
Z O F F F March 13th @ The Rabbit Hole, Brighton (Club Stramonium with OWLS and Steven Evens)     
La Mômo March 8th @ Bar 42, Worthing (Punkish Alldayer with The Fish Brothers, Anarchistwood)     
Z O F F F January 16th @ The Rabbit Hole, Brighton (with Arch Garrison and Ham Legion)     

V 2014 V

Crayola Lectern December 11th @ Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton (Christmas show with William D Drake and Stars In Battledress)     
Z O F F F Nov 27th @ Club Stramonium, The Hope, Brighton with Knifeworld and Heavy Lamb     
Crayola Lectern Nov 21st @ The Assembly Rooms, Worthing     
Crayola Lectern October 26th @ The Brunswick (Real Music Club)     
La Mômo Oct 25th @ Train of Thought Gallery, Worthing (Gary Goodman exposition opening)     
Crayola Lectern Oct 15th @ The Albert, Brighton (Fire Records-curated night with Sterling Roswell)     
LSD-25 Sept 26th @ Club Stramonium, The Rabbit Hole, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern Sept 5th @ Arthole / Cafe des Artistes, Lewes w/ Mary Hampton and Clowns     
La Mômo July 27th @ The Hope, Brighton with Radio 9 and You Walk Through Walls     
La Mômo July 12th @ a party in a field, nr Worthing     
La Mômo June 23rd @ The Horse and Groom w/ The Legend!, The Ethical Debating Society and Dog Legs - Click to see wot happened     
Crayola Lectern June 21st @ En Trance Solstice Festival @Coast, Worthing     
LSD25 June 13th @ Club Stramonium @ The Rabbit Hole (with Andi Spicer and Kellar)     
Crayola Lectern June 8th @ The Brunswick, Hove with Arch Garrison (album launch)     
Chris Anderson May 4th-5th @ Mayfields Festival, East Sussex (performing Erik Satie's Vexations) - Mayfields Festival of Music and the Arts     
The Bad Black Dots April 26th @ Brighton Arts Club, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern April 24th @ The Verdict, Brighton (with William D Drake) - website     
LSD-25 + La Mômo April 11th @ The Rabbit Hole, Brighton (Club Stramonium)     
Crayola Lectern March 29th @ The Union Chapel, London N1 2UN - Union Chapel event page     
Himmel March 16th @ Café Oto, London - link     
LSD-25 and Joss Cope Feb 14th @ The Rabbit Hole, Brighton (with Hall Of Strangers)     
Crayola Lectern Feb 9th 2014 @ The Brunswick, Brighton (with Arch Garrison)     

V 2013 V

Crayola Lectern Dec 7th @ The Coach House, Brighton (Lou Reed tribute)     
Mind Magma Modulation Nov 25th @ Green Door Store, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern Nov 22nd @ Speaky Spokey @ Latest Bar, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern Nov 13th @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern Nov 1st @ Kave Gallery, Hastings (with Otti Albietz)     
Crayola Lectern and Tim Keegan band Oct 5th @ Esquires, Bedford     
Crayola Lectern Sept 28th @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar ( Trip In 'D' gig with The Telescopes and One Unique Signal)     
Crayola Lectern Sept 14th @ Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton (with William D Drake)     
Crayola Lectern June 18th @ The Louisiana, Bristol (supporting Electric Soft Parade)     
Crayola Lectern June 17th @ The Green Door Store, Brighton (supporting Electric Soft Parade)     
Crayola Lectern May 31st @ Scaledown @ The King And Queen, Foley St, London W1     
Crayola Lectern May 21st @ The Coach House, Kemp Town     
La Mômo May 9th @ The Green Door Store, Brighton (with Das Fenster)     
Crayola Lectern April 19th @ The Wilmington Arms, London (Album Launch)     
Crayola Lectern April 17th @ The Brunswick, Hove (Album launch)     
Emotikon March 29th @ Fitzherbets, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern March 24th @ The Blind Tiger Club (Otti Albietz album launch)     
LSD-25 March 23rd @ Tim Smith Benefit, Brighton (with Redbus Noface + Local Girls)     
Crayola Lectern March 6th @ The Hope, Brighton (with Interlocutor)     
LSD-25 March 2nd @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton (with Ham Legion)     
Crayola Lectern Feb 16th @ The Roomz, Hastings (Splitting The Atom Experimental Alldayer) - poster     

V 2012 V

Crayola Lectern December 14th @ The Coach House, Brighton (with Oddfellows Casino (trio) and The Sound Of Antler) - poster     
LSD 25 December 5th @ Cowley Club, Brighton with You Walk Through Walls and Reds - poster     
Crayola Lectern December 3rd @ Bleeding Hearts Club @ The Albert, Brighton (just playing White Christmas and Bat Out Of Hell on casiotone at the Xmas knees up)     
Thee Bald Knobbers, La Momo and Celebricide December 1st @ Cowley Club, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern November 23rd @ Synthesize Me at Pelirocco Hotel, Brighton - poster     
Crayola Lectern November 3rd @ Hanover Centre, Brighton (with Mary Hampton Cotillion)     
Crayola Lectern October 6th @ Lewes Psychedelic Festival, Zu Studios, Lewes (big band played Trip in "D" - watch it here)     
Crayola Lectern September 21st @ The Brunswick (with Arch Garrison and Poco Tiger)     
Crayola Lectern August 4th @ Café Munch, Worthing (Special Treat)     
Crayola Lectern July 20th @ Komedia, Brighton (with William D. Drake)     
The Bad Black Dots June 23rd @ Green Door Store, Brighton (Splitting The Atom)     
Crayola Lectern June 16th @ St Paul's Centre and Café, Worthing     
Celebricide May 31st @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern May 25th @ The Coach House, Brighton (Beyond The Fringe)     
Crayola Lectern May 17th @ The Brewers Tap, Brighton (with Poco Tiger)     
Crayola Lectern May 7th @ The Albert, Brighton (Bleeding Heart Club)     
Crayola Lectern April 20th @ Coast Café, Worthing (Special Treat)     
Crayola Lectern March 29th @ Coast Café, Worthing (Special Treat)     
Crayola Lectern March 21st @ Karbens Bar, Worthing (spoken word & music open mic by Special Treat)     
Crayola Lectern March 7th @ Karbens Bar, Worthing (spoken word & music open mic by Special Treat)     
Crayola Lectern March 2nd @ Bar 42, Worthing (Sonic Snow event)     
Crayola Lectern February 25th @ The Cowley Club, Brighton (with Birdengine + Woodpecker Wooliams)     
Crayola Lectern February 11th @ The Needlemakers, Lewes (with Mary Hampton Cotillion + Duot)     
Salter Cane January 21st @ The Lansdown, Lewes     

V 2011 V

Thee Bald Knobbers December 21st @ The Cowley Club, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern December 18th @ Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere, The Albert, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern December 16th @ The Coach House, Brighton     
Thee Bald Knobbers October 19th @ The Cowley Club, Brighton (with Bat Tuning + Gum Takes Tooth + Drum Eyes)     
La Mômo & The Bad Black Dots September 9th @ The Cowley Club, Brighton (with The Fuck U Planet Earth)     
Crayola Lectern September 3rd @ The Coach House, Brighton (also playing - Embla Quickbeam + Sun Sets Over Whitehawk)     
Paul Sullivan July 9th @ St Paul's Church, Worthing (supporting Chris Helme)     
Crayola Lectern June 17th @ Komedia, Brighton (supporting William D. Drake)     
La Mômo May 13th @ The Montague Arms, Peckham, London     
Passiondale May 10th @ Komedia, Brighton     
La Mômo April 30th @ A field near Ashurst, West Sussex (with Cinemascope)     
The Rhinestoned Immaculates April 29th @ Fitzherberts, Brighton     
Passiondale April 8th @ The Albert, Brighton (with The Blue Hearts)     
La Mômo March 19th @ The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London (+ Ampersand, Pissinboy & Jack Shirt)     
Crayola Lectern March 16th @ Latest Bar, Brighton (+ Plus)     
Passiondale + The Rhinestoned Immaculates February 28th @ The Albert, Brighton (with Conrad Standish guesting with The Rhinestoned Immaculates)     
Passiondale February 26th @ The Green Door, Brighton     
La Mômo + The Legend! January 9th @ The Albert, Brighton (+ The Rhinestoned Immaculates - see flyer)     

V 2010 V     
Crayola Lectern December 5th @ Unitarian Church, Brighton (+ Mary Hampton + ViV)     
Crayola Lectern November 2nd @ The Albert, Brighton (+ Hollow Moon)     
The Rhinestoned Immaculates October 22nd @ Fitzherbets, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern September 11th @ Westhill Hall, Brighton (Wilkommen alldayer)     
Crayola Lectern August 27th @ Komedia (supporting Arch Garrison)     
Crayola Lectern August 1st @ West Hill Hall, Brighton (with Hamilton Yarns and The Family Elan)     
Tim Keegan June 25th @ The King and Queen, London W1 (Scaledown)     
Crayola Lectern June 23rd @ The Cowley Club, Brighton (Full band play Trip in D)     
Crayola Lectern June 20th @ The Prince Albert, Brighton (Everybody's Got To be Somewhere spoken word/music))     
Crayola Lectern May 30th @ The Hydrant, Brighton (Brighton Experimental Music Festival)     
Crayola Lectern April 30th @ The King and Queen, London W1 (Scaledown)     
Crayola Lectern April 14th @ The 12 Bar, London (with Arch Garrison and William D Drake)     
Crayola Lectern March 24th @ The Cowley Club, Brighton     
Passiondale March 20th @ The Hydrant, Brighton (Club Zygotic with P Is For Persia)     
The Bad Black Dots March 13th @ The Hydrant, Brighton (Club Zygotic with Bilge Pump)     
Crayola Lectern March 9th @ Komedia, Brighton (with Oddfellows Casino)     
Passiondale February 22nd @ The Albert, Brighton (Born To Lose)     
Passiondale February 13th @ The Hope, Brighton     
Passiondale February 6th @ Phoenix Gallery, Brighton     

V 2009 V     
Crayola Lectern December 14th @ Komedia, Brighton (with William D Drake)     
Passiondale November 14th @ The Ocean Rooms, Brighton     
Drum Eyes September 19th @ The Lectern, Brighton     
Damo Suzuki September 5th @ Offset Festival, Hainault     
Drum Eyes September 5th @ Offset Festival, Hainault     
Crayola Lectern August 9th @ The Brunswick, Hove (supporting William D Drake)     
The Lotus Eaters July 25th @ The Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool     
Marine Parade May 13th @ The Brunswick, Hove     
Marine Parade May 6th @ The Brunswick, Hove     
Marine Parade (featuring Mark Eitzel) May 5th @ The Brunswick, Hove     
Emotikon April 29th @ Engine Room, Brighton     
Drum Eyes March 29th @ Auto Italia, London - Yes Way festival     
Drum Eyes and Damo Suzuki March 24th @ Engine Room, Brighton (flyer)     
Emotikon February 25th @ Engine Room, Brighton     

V 2008 V     
Passiondale and Nervous Breakdown December 9th @ Komedia, Brighton (book launch with Birdengine)     
Crayola Lectern November 26th @ The Sanctuary, Brighton (with This Is The Kit & Birdengine)     
Crayola Lectern October 25th @ Chewton Glen, Hants (solo improvised piano)     
Passiondale September 17th @ The Farm Tavern, Brighton     
Drum Eyes August 30th @ Offset Festival, Hainault Forest, Essex     
New Amusements August 30th @ Arundel Festival     
Drum Eyes August 29th @ Macbeth, Hoxton, London     
Crayola Lectern July 31st  @ Lost Voices, Liverpool (supporting William D Drake)     
Drumize July 11th  @ Supersonic Festival, Birmingham     
Passiondale June 30th  @ The Albert, Brighton (Born to Lose)     
Drumize (Scotch Egg band) June 6th  @ The Engine Room, Brighton (with MoHa!)     
Crayola Lectern May 30th  @ The King and Queen, London W1 (Scaledown)     
Passiondale May 9th  @ The Hope, Brighton (with Kontakte + Autumn Chorus) - flyer     
The Legend! May 4th @ The Hope, Brighton (Antifolk - Sunday Sermons)     
Passiondale March 23rd  @ The Barfly, Brighton (supporting Peepholes and El Guincho)     
Passiondale March 17th  @ The Albert, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern March 16th @ Friends Meeting House, Brighton supporting The North Sea Radio Orchestra..     
La Mômo  March 7th @ The Montague Arms, Peckham, London (Duo show with Rip Off Rogers, Hydra and Mr Irvine)     

V 2007 V     
Noah Taylor's Nervous Breakdown  December 3rd @ Fitzherberts, Brighton (in aid of Cancer Research)     
Noah Taylor's Nervous Breakdown  December 3rd @ The Engine Room, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern December 2nd @ Friends Meeting House, Brighton supporting William D Drake     
Noah Taylor's Nervous Breakdown and The Legend! November 19th @ The Albert, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern November 9th @ Swn Festival, Cardiff     
The Legend! November 9th @ Swn Festival, Cardiff     
The Legend!  October 12th @ Audio, Brighton (supporting Misty's Big Adventure)     
La Mômo September 28th @ Circus Circus, Brighton with Passiondale (Brighton Live week)     
Tim Keegan September 26th @ Komedia, Brighton (Brighton Fringe Festival aftershow party)     
The Legend! and Crayola Lectern September 15th @ End of the Road festival (impromptu on secret garden stage - unbilled)     
The Legend! September 2nd @ The Hope, Brighton (Antifolk - Sunday Sermons)     
Damo Suzuki August 12th @ The Bohemia Arts Festival, Kent     
The Legend! July 23rd @ The Pressure Point, Brighton with Tenebrous Liar     
The Legend! July 21st @ The Hanover Centre, Brighton with Holly Golightly     
The Legend! July 20th @ The Hub, Brighton with Pete and The Pirates     
Tim Leopard - spoken word June 25th @ The Marlborough, Brighton     
Crayola Lectern + Noah Taylor's Nervous Breakdown + The Legend! May 20th @ Fitzherberts, Brighton     
Tim Keegan  May 18th @ The Borderline, London     
La Mômo  April 17th @ The Hope, Brighton (with Coin-op and Imitation Electric Piano)     
The Legend! April 13th @ Motel Mozaique Festival, Rotterdam     
The Legend! March 17th @ West Hall, Brighton     
The Legend! March 4th @ The Hope, Brighton (Antifolk; Sunday Sermons)     
The Legend! February 21st @ The Albert, Brighton (with Bib)     

V 2006 V     
La Momo December 1st @ Theatre Arts Club, Soho, London (with Charles Hayward)     
Crayola Lectern November 24th @ The King And Queen, London W1     
The Beautiful Morons November 18th @ The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton     
Tim Keegan November 3rd, The Pressure Point, Brighton (support for Mojave 3)     
Tim Keegan October 19th, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (with Josh Thomson & Jon Poole)     
Celebricide + La Mômo October 13th, The Pressure Point, Brighton     
Tim Keegan October 2nd + 3rd, The Jazz Cafe, London (support for Barry Adamson)     
La Mômo October 1st, Bull and Gate, London + William D Drake.     
Cöckdeath September 23rd, Shoreham Yacht Club, Shoreham     
Celebricide August 24th, The Pressure Point, Brighton     
Celebricide August 18th, The Providence, Brighton + Rosalita     
Tim Keegan July 28th, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton     
The Legend! July 24th, The Prince Albert, Brighton + The Bobby Mcgees and M J Hibbert & The Validators     
Tim Keegan June 30th, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton     
Noah Taylor June 11th, Carling Academy, Islington     
The Legend! + Tim Keegan June 2nd, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton     
Noah Taylor + Loene Carmen May 6th, The Colony Room, Dean St, Soho     
Tim Keegan April 24th, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (Living Room residency)     
Crayola Lectern April 19th, Fringe Barcafé, Brighton (Totally Bored: with Katie Dunne + The Comet Project)     
Damo Suzuki April 9th, The Spitz, London w/ Fujiya & Miyagi + Steeple Remove.     
Damo Suzuki April 7th, Pressure Point, Brighton. Legendary Can singer continues his never ending tour.     
Shark April 1st, Shark Happening, Brighton (Standing in for Eazy Pete at the 13th hour)     
Tim Keegan March 31st, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (Living Room residency)     
La Momo + Celebricide March 16th, Bull and Gate, Kentish Town with Coin-Op and Shark.     
Celebricide March 7th, Pressure Point, Brighton. Metway Sessions Launch w/ Mary Hampton, Teasing Lulu & The Grape Authority.     
Tim Keegan February 28th, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton (Living Room residency.)     
The Legend! February 14th, St Andrews Church, Hove with Jens Lekman and Bill Wells.     
Celebricide January 13th, The Telegraph, Brixton, London (showcase of material from forthcoming album)     

V 2005 V     
La Momo December 4th, Concorde 2, Brighton (Christmas Brighton Rocks with Clearlake, Magic Bullet Band, Ox, Heliconia...)     
Celebricide November 29th, Freebutt, Brighton (with Viking Skull)     
La Momo October 29th, Freebutt, Brighton (with Shark)     
Tim Keegan October 8th, Sanctuary Cellar Bar, Brighton (Brighton Live week)     
La Momo October 6th, Audio, Brighton (Brighton Live week + Boogaloo Stu and Puffinboy)     
Celebricide October 3rd, Audio, Brighton (Brighton Live week + Clearlake.)     
Celebricide August 11th, Sussex Arts Club, Brighton     
Celebricide July 28th, Pressure Point, Brighton (+ My Tour Of Duty + Nectar International)     
La Momo June 30th, The Open House, Brighton     
Celebricide June 22nd, Ocean Rooms, Brighton (Cancer benefit)     
La Momo June 18th, The Bull and Gate, London (with Sludgefeast, Probing Cranks, The Vichy Government)     
Celebricide May 26th, Pavilion Tavern, Brighton (Free entry)     
The Legend! May 18th, Fringe Cafebar, Brighton (w/ Dennis Driscoll, Metronomy & Thee Moths)     
La Momo May 6th, Freebutt, Brighton (with Shark + Shrag) - Guest guitarist Jon Poole     
La Momo May 5th, Go Native, LSE, London (with The Pipettes, Charlottefield and Wet Dog)     
La Momo April 30th, The Providence, Brighton (with Fractured) - Guest Ray Dickaty on tenor sax     
Celebricide April 14th, Sussex Arts Centre, Brighton (with Scarlet's Well)     
Celebricide April 7th, The Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton     
Celebricide Feb 27th, The Freebutt, Brighton (with Quit Your Day Job)     
La Momo Feb 15th, The End, Soho (part of London Fashion Week)     
La Momo Jan 22nd, Concorde2, Brighton (In aid of the Tsunami Appeal)     

V 2004 V     
La Momo Dec 2nd, Moles, Bath (with Todd) CANCELLED     
La Momo Nov 27th The Freebutt, Brighton (with Shark)     
Heidi Berry Nov 14th The Albert, Brighton (with Gravenhurst)     
Heidi Berry Nov 11th Chez Nous, Brighton (BIMM night)     
La Momo Oct 29th Pavilion Tavern, Brighton (Brighton Live)     
The Legend! Oct 20th Fringe Bar, Brighton (playing Daniel Treacy songs)     
Damo Suzuki Sept 8th The Freebutt, Brighton (YouTube)     
La Momo July 1st, 93 Feet East, London (with Fighting With Wire + Santo El Diablo + We Will Be Pilots)     
La Momo May 30th Komedia (upstairs), Brighton (Totallywired show with Waxed Apple, Turncoat and Oom) Link     
La Momo May 4th The Cellar, Oxford (+ Misty's Big Adventure + Brute Force) Link     
La Momo April 17th, Freebutt, Brighton (with Todd)     
La Momo March 19th, Bull & Gate, London     
La Momo Jan 22nd, The Garage, London     
La Momo Oct 29th The Albert, Brighton (Careless Talk Costs Lives / BBC Radio 1 night + Miss Pain + The Legend!) Link     
La Momo Aug 23rd Buffalo Bar, London (Careless Talk Costs Lives show with Scout Niblett, Todd, Cindytalk & Swearing At Motorists)     
La Momo March 22nd The Albert, Brighton (with The Blue Minkies + Valerie)